armless unusual dinosaur

New species of ‘armless’ dinosaur Discovered!

Guemesia ochoai

Fossil help us better understanding of why this area gave rise to such unusual animals

Armless…but not harmless! Terrifying dinosaur that roamed Argentina 70 million years ago could take down huge prey with its massive jaws – despite having front limbs even SHORTER than T.Rex

“A partially complete skull uncovered in Argentina provides new evidence of a unique ecosystem during the Late Cretaceous. 

Guemesia ochoai was a species of abelisaurid, a clade of carnivores which roamed what is now Africa, South America and India. Dating back around 70 million years, the dinosaur may have been a close relative of the entire group’s ancestors. 

The discovery of Guemesia ochoai‘s skull offers a valuable insight into an area which has very few abelisaurid fossils, and may go some way to explain why the area gave rise to such unusual animals. ” From Natural History Museum website

  • The new species, named Guemesia ochoai, was found in Argentina
  • Researchers believe it is a species of abelisaur – dinosaurs with short front limbs
  • It would have relied on its powerful head and jaws to capture prey  

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