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New Dinosaur Stamps Celebrate Mary Anning

Royal Mail is releasing a set of stamps,illustrated by artist, Joshua Dunlop, celebrating the pioneering scientist Mary Anning and three of the fossils she unearthed along the Dorset coastline, while another eight stamps will feature a range of dinosaurs, pterosaurs and marine reptiles! ‘It is fitting in the week of International Women’s Day that we pay tribute to Mary Anning with four images of some of the fossils she discovered,’ ‘She was one of the greatest fossil hunters of the 19th century, making a major contribution to our understanding of…

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Dinosaurs Fossil Hunting Summer 2019 News


Dinosaur Footprints – trace fossils were formed Millions of years ago when, dinosaurs walked or ran through wet soil. that over millions of years hardened into sedimentary rock. Then weathering and geological forces gradually revealed the buried tracks, leaving a valuable record for Paleontologists about dinosaur behaviour. Find your own footprints by joining a Fossil Hunt , visit the Isle of Wight Dinosaur Trail , visit The North Yorkshire Jurassic Coast , try Fossil Hunting in Wales, or the Famous Jurassic Coast! The Isle of Skye is famous for its extensive dinosaur tracks…

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