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New Dinosaur Stamps Celebrate Mary Anning

Royal Mail is releasing a set of stamps,illustrated by artist, Joshua Dunlop, celebrating the pioneering scientist Mary Anning and three of the fossils she unearthed along the Dorset coastline, while another eight stamps will feature a range of dinosaurs, pterosaurs and marine reptiles!

‘It is fitting in the week of International Women’s Day that we pay tribute to Mary Anning with four images of some of the fossils she discovered,’ ‘She was one of the greatest fossil hunters of the 19th century, making a major contribution to our understanding of the majestic creatures that roamed Earth hundreds of millions of years ago.’ David Gold, the Director of External Affairs and Policy at Royal Mail.

The stamps are available to pre-order from today on the Royal Mail’s website.

New Dinosaur Stamps: a Tyrannosaurus and Triceratops battle, a herd of Iguanodon, in another, a Coloborhynchus pterosaurs flies, and the last stamp features a Megalosaurus and a Cryptoclidus plesiosaur.

Celebrating Mary Anning: Stamp set shows a selection of fossils she unearthed along with a portrait of the pioneering palaeontologist.


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