Gomphotherium Delux Model

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Gomphotherium – a prehistoric elephant like creature was around the size of a modern-day Asian elephant & used its tusks like a shovel to uproot plants.

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Gomphotherium a unique and beautifully majestic beast had four tusks.

This eplephant like beast’s upper pair tusks were recurved and covered with enamel. Two additional parallel tusks formed a shovel for uprooting plants.

Gomphotherium means ‘welded beast’ and it gets its name from the long, straight tusks of the lower jaw. It evolved in the lower Miocene of North America.

Gomphotherium was around the size of a modern-day Asian elephant. It stood around 3 metres tall with an estimated weight of 405 tons.

Approx Size: 18.5cm x 9.2cm
Suitable for children from: 3 Years +
Deluxe 1:20 scale

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Weight 550 g


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