Sawfish Barb Tooth Fossil



Sawfish Barb Fossil Tooth
A fossil sawfish rostral tooth from the Upper Cretaceous of Morocco

This impressive, barbed tooth is from the ancient chondrichthyan sawfish Onchopristis numidus. It was found in the Tegana Formation (Cenomanian, Upper Cretaceous) near Kem Kem, Morocco.

Rostral teeth are the sideways teeth on each side of the snout (rostrum) of the sawfish. with a hook or ‘barb’ for snaring prey. Sawfish, O. numidus would have lived along the sea floor and had a famous nemesis: the dinosaur Spinosaurus. Barbed teeth of O. numidus have been found embedded in Spinosaurus jaws.

aApprox Size: 2.670mm


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