Dinosaurs and Treasure Dig Kit Giftset

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Dinosaurs and Treasure Dig Kit Giftset. A 5 piece giftset featuring Dinosaur and Roman treasure dig kits – dig to discover the treasure!

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Dinosaurs and Treasure Dig Kit Giftset

x2 Dig-a-saurus Dinosaur Dig Excavation Kits
Contain a dinosaur skull waiting to be discovered in side our Dinosaur Fossil Excavation Kits!

x2 Dinosaur Baby Dig Kits
A bright, colourful dinosaur waits inside this Dinosaur Baby Dig Kit!

x1 Ancient Roman Treasure Excavation Kit
A Roman replica artefact waits to be found treasure inside

5 peice giftset.

Dig it out kits are a great way for kids to learn while having fun and making a mess. Each kit comes with everything you need to find the treasure inside.

The block is made from gypsum and plaster so is safe for kids to dig in and the brush and tool are made from wood.

– Assorted designs available
– 1 artefact per set (x2 sets)
– Includes brush and dig our tool
– Recommended for children over the age of 8
– Have fun!!

Dimensions: Block 3x7x4cm Skull Height 3-4cm Width 1.5-2.5cm Depth 5-5.5cm#

Dinosaur Baby Dig Kit
Dimensions: Egg Height 6.5cm Width 5cm Depth 4.5cm Dinosaurs 3-3.5cm Utensils 6.5cm

Ancient Roman Treasure Excavation Kit
Dimensions: Block 3 x 7 x 4cm Tool Length 6.5cm Artefact 3.5 – 5.5cm


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