Butterfly Garden

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Raise your own beautiful Butterflies in your garden! Are you obsessed with butterflies? Raise LIVE butterflies then release them to nature!


Butterfly Garden

Raise your own beautiful Butterflies in your garden!

Are you obsessed with butterflies?

Raise LIVE butterflies then release them to nature! Watch and learn as your tiny caterpillars turn into beautiful Painted Lady Butterflies. The Butterfly Garden comes with instructions on how to care for them as well as a huge amount of info on these gorgeous creatures.

The reusable butterfly garden mesh container folds down for easy storage. You can use it again to grow and release your butterflies!

You will need to use the redeem voucher included in your kit to get your free live Butterfly Larva.Live butterfly kits with Caterpillar Vouchers are still available to buy year-round
Vouchers are redeemable for Caterpillar dispatches in March-September 2021.

Reusable, washable pop-up habitat net (30cm tall)
voucher to purchase live caterpillars
feeding pipette
full instructions & Fun Fact Activity Guide

Live Butterfly Garden Kit with Butterfly Larva redeem voucher.

Age 4+.

Please note that Caterpillars will only be sent from March to Mid-September, as they would not survive at other times of year.


Butterflies are great because;
They pollinate plants – which helps fruits, vegetables and flowers to grow.
Attracting butterflies brings native bees and birds, helping to increasing biodiversity – the variety of plants, animals and micro-organisms and their ecosystems!

How To Encourage Butterflys to visit Your Garden

If you’ve got a sunny spot, you’ve got the chance to create a wonderful space in your garden for one of our most beautiful and mesmerising native insects.

Grow Butterfly Friendly Plants
Butterfly bush (Buddleja davidii)
Holly (supports caterpillars of the Holly Blue) and lavender.

Plants for butterflies
Spring: Primroses, sweet William, bugle, forget-me-knot
Summer: Cornflower, French marigold, knapweed, marjoram, scabious and purple loosestrife
Autumn: Flowering ivy, asters, ice plant

Top larval food plants
Lady’s smock or Cardamine pratensis (Orange Tip Butterfly)
Bird’s foot trefoil or Lotus corniculatus (Common Blue Butterfly)
Common sorrel or Rumex acetosa (Small Copper Butterfly)
Fescue grass (Meadow Brown Butterfly)
Yorkshire fog grass or Holcus lanatus (Marbled White, Speckled Wood and Small Skipper Butterflies)
Stinging nettles play host to caterpillars of Comma, Peacock, Red Admiral and Small Tortoiseshell Butterflies but need planting in large swathes to be effective.

Helping Butterflies Lay Eggs
Include an open area for wildflowers and grasses, devoting as much space as you can in order to allow as many butterflies to lay their eggs as possible. A site with low soil fertility is ideal. Seek out butterfly mixes from wildflower seed suppliers.

Please note: Butterfly Caterpillar breeding season has ended but will resume in March 2021.


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