Fathers Day

Loads of Gift Ideas for Difficult Dad's Day Decisions or Decorating Man Caves!

Saw Fish Barb

Sharp Prehistoric Spines!

Bivalve 'Alien'

Weird Oysters Fossilized!

Yoskhire Rocks

For Keen Fossil Hunters

Megalogon Tooth

Biggest Shark Ever!

Dinosaur Jaw

Mosasaur Jaw Section

Sharks Teeth

Not Just For Surfers

Show Fossils

Impressive Fossils


Rocks From Space

Velociraptor Skull

Full Size Replica

Aragonite Sputnik

Calcite Crystal

Agadir Ammonite

Impressive Ammonite

T. Rex Skull

Mini Resin Cast

Pocket Guide

Essential Fossil Hunting Guide

Lyme Bay

Lyme Regis & Charmouth Areas

Southern England

Covers The Jurassic Coast

T. Rex Red Skull

High Grage Resin Cast Replica

Mosasaur Tooth

Our Biggest Dinosaur Teeth

Calymene Trilobite

Our Largest Trilobites

Field Loupe

Pocket Magnifier

Large Amethyst

Collector Quality Amethyst Crystals


Ancient Nautiloids


Gem Chip Bracelet

Fish Fossil Knightia

Superb Specimen from USA

Large Ammonite Pair

Crystal Filled Ammonites

Amber & Insects

Jurassic Park Style

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