Crystal & Fossil Care

Amethyst Crystal Heart Druze

Collecting crystals & fossils is a fascinating hobby.

Being familiar with your new specimen helps determine how to display, clean and handle it around other pieces in your collection.

Here are a few tips to ensure your geologic goodies are kept safe and look beautiful for years to come!

Be careful to slowly remove the packaging material so specimens don’t get stuck or broken in the unwrapping process.

Gently pick up delicate fossils & crystals from the sides of the specimen, then place it in the palm of your hand and cradle to examine.

Keep your crystals & fossils in a box. Storing your specimens in a box will keep them away from moisture & dust. It should have compartments so that you can properly organise your items.

Nearly all crystals form in dark environments deep inside the earth. Long exposure to sunlight can cause crystals to fade in colour. Don’t place your crystals or fossils in a place that gets direct sun. Keep your beauties looking spectacular!

Label your fossils for easy reference. The label can include the type of organism, fossil material, where it was retrieved & possible age.

Regularly remove dust. Dust will accumulate overtime, so always clean crystals & fossils using a soft brush or cloth.

Be very gentle when touching delicate specimens.

Get in touch: info at for more info on charging crystals & fossil care!

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